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Exploration Management

Our worldwide experience is your worldwide experience

The key to successful exploration is knowing when to drill, when to hold ‘em, and when to walk away. SRK is very sensitive to the fact that ‘technical success’ sometimes means economic failure. Our business approach to exploration therefore underlines the fact that the scientific/technical aspects of exploration and mining must be fast, efficient, and effective in order to add value to a project.

Effective targeting relies on the integration of all available data, in order to make the most well informed predictions. However, there is a trade off between the time it takes for investigation and the turn around time for results and news release. This is where specialized consulting makes obvious sense. SRK specialists draw from a pool of worldwide experience and expertise, to advance projects quickly, and minimize the time and costs of waiting between now and your next decision point, or the collaring of your next drill hole!

SRK specializes in developing process-driven, conceptual models to identify new mineral targets. Our in-house consultants have expert knowledge of the mechanisms of ore body formation and distribution, within a wide range of geological and tectonic settings. Project deliverables include ranked targets and semi-quantitative risk assessment, providing powerful decision-making tools for optimizing exploration expenditure.


SRK are effective in designing and implementing exploration programs using a multi-disciplinary approach, which may include:


  • Regional tectonic and metallogenic syntheses to provide context for province selection, property acquisition, and project generation
  • Regional to deposit scale mapping of geology, structure, and alteration.
  • Defining controls on ore and identifying high grade material
  • Planning and management of geophysical and geochemical exploration programs
  • The identification and ranking of exploration targets
  • Planning drill programs to effectively test targets
  • Auditing of exploration programs
  • Exploration risk evaluations
  • Independent technical consultant’s reports
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