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Sujit Roy

Senior Consultant - Engineering Geology
SRK Kolkata
SRK Mining Services (India) Pvt Ltd CE 106, Sector-1 Salt Lake City Kolkata 700064 West Bengal, India
+91 82 7408 8317
+91 33 2866 1073

Sujit is an Engineering Geologist, currently based at SRK Consulting, India. With more than twelve years of academic and mining consulting experience, Sujit has a broad range of background, including design and management of mining site investigation projects, geological modelling, structural geological mapping, oriented core assessment and structural modelling, rock mass characterization, geotechnical assessment of ground conditions, geotechnical pit mapping, open pit slope stability assessment, design and optimization. Sujit is also experienced in managing preliminary to advanced exploration projects for various commodities including coal.

Sujit’s international experience includes projects in Indonesia, Malaysia, Somaliland, Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya and Oman.

Sujit was awarded PhD degree from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. His research was broadly focused to analyse stability of slopes and assess post failure dynamics of failed mass. He primarily contributed towards the understanding of slope failure in anisotropic media, such as rock slopes with foliations, joints or any form of structural discontinuity, and how such fabric in rock mass influences the mechanics of hill slope failure. He also analysed post failure behaviour of failed mass and attempted correlation between the rheology of debris material and its dynamic behaviour. Analytical, scaled model experiments and numerical simulations were employed for his study. Sujit has published his findings in several peer reviewed journals of International repute.

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