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Mining Related Environmental & Social Management Planning

Successful environmental and social management planning can lead to improvements in a company’s community, environmental and financial performance. SRK offers comprehensive approaches to managing these issues to meet corporate, host country, lender and stakeholder requirements.


  • Development of framework and detailed management systems and plans based on outcomes of environmental and social impact assessments
  • Review and audit of existing management plans/systems to evaluate performance and facilitate compliance reporting
  • Develop and assist with implementation of plans and systems
  • Integration of plans into existing quality systems and procedures
  • Identify performance objectives, pollution reduction measures and resource optimisation
  • Provide training to staff and management
  • Engage with stakeholders to ensure a company’s ‘social license to operate’ is not affected


  • A systematic approach to environmental and social management is provided by SRK for both new projects (as part of an environmental and social impact assessment process) and existing operations
  • Successful management is achieved through a process of planning, implementing, evaluating and improving
  • Combining in-depth technical knowledge of mining operations and project development processes with a sound understanding of environmental and social management issues enables SRK to develop cost effective management plans and systems that minimise risk and maximise on opportunities


  • Over 20 years of experience in the mining industry provides insight into management practices that work
  • SRK’s team comprises skilled environmental scientists and engineers and social specialists with operational, regulatory and impact assessment experience
  • By combining this experience, SRK assists companies to develop site specific management plans and/or systems with the aim of meeting agreed objectives
  • SRK has worked in countries across Africa, Asia, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Middle East, South America, Europe and Greenland
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